Indians not allowed in Korean Restaurants near KIA Motors plant, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

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It has come to our notice that some of the Korean restaurants and guest houses in Penukonda, Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh, operate exclusively for Koreans and do not allow Indians to enter inside their premises. A report done by “The Wire” in their program named “Sadak Se Sansad” has covered this issue wherein a Korean Manager of a restaurant named “Kangnam restaurant” can be seen in the video saying that this restaurant is only for Koreans. This is to emphasize that these discriminatory behavior is clearly a violation of article 15 (1) and article 15 (2) of the Indian constitution. There are around 15 Korean restaurants in that area and some inside the plant of KIA and there are about 10 guest houses in that area. Many of them are reported to be following the practice of not allowing Indians in their restaurant. Please follow the link to the video

Many reasons are being cited for their sought exclusivity, top of which lies their safety, but fortunately none of the reasoning in the world could deny that this exclusivity for Koreans is sought at the cost of excluding Indians from their community, which projects Indians as a potential disturbance for their community. If not so, they should be feeling home with Indians. We strongly demand that proper protection by the administration be provided to our Korean friends in the concerned area. Will they accept the Indian community after that? There are many foreign restaurants in India and Korean restaurants are not the special and newly opened foreign outlets where Indians will create trouble. Discrimination based on race and nationality will not be allowed in this modern era of time when the world has somewhat learned to toddle for the human rights after a long infancy. We will not let a backward growth start again.

Another brazenly mediocre statement which often pops up from an imbecile mentality is that there is racism in India too, we are ourselves racists and we have got tens of other problems so we are not entitled to speak against racism. I agree to the point that racism is a serious issue in India and all progressive forces should join their hands together and come up to realize and act in the direction of eradicating such issues and we are doing it, but how does it provide a license to any domestic or international player that they feel morally authorized that any or every Indian could be made a subject to Racism and there should be no objection to that? Isn’t it again a denial of right to equality citing our nationality and a second shot of racist attack?

We demand strict actions be taken against all the stakeholders without any bias in Ananatpur, Andhra Pradesh and Korean government must be involved through all diplomatic channels. This is a social issue and be dealt like a social issue with the cooperation of both the governments. We reiterate our love and support for Korean community and want to say that together, through our cooperation, we can achieve greater heights and prosperity if we eradicate such social evils, we don’t generalize Koreans as there are hundreds of thousands of progressive Koreans who themselves speak against racism in Korean society.

However, this must be highlighted that there have been several incidents where foreigners including Indians have been denied entries into the Korean clubs and bars in Korea, it has happened twice with me and several times with my different friends. While others choose to peacefully remain silent, I chose to speak up against one such denial in a club in Seoul and managed to make it a national issue with the help of Korean Media, Indian embassy and Korean National Human Rights Commission in year 2017, where the guard of the club barred my entry saying they don’t allow people from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. However, my friends from 5 different countries who were with me were allowed to go inside. This made me to start a fight against racism. follow the link for the news

The list of their selective exclusion and xenophobia is very lengthy including some of the companies like Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore, which has exclusive dining room for Koreans as they don’t dine with Indians mostly (they might however, have some of their selective Indian guests in the rarest of the rare cases sit in that dining room).

The problem here is that no one wants to mess with these giant corporate houses who have power, money and legal impunity. But, will that be all at the cost of the people's right and human values?  

It is to bring to your notice and urge that excuses must not be taken into account as the problem of racism is deep seated in Korean society (it’s undeniably present in India too, and we must speak against that in our country) as Mr. Mutuma Ruteere, the United nations special rapporteur on racism, noted in year 2014 that it is essential for the Korean Government to address the issue of racism and xenophobia through better education and awareness-raising and he also called for a “comprehensive” anti-discrimination legislation. We appreciate the efforts of Korean government in creating a multi-cultural society but at the same time we also maintain that these efforts are remarkably insufficient and largely inefficient, although we totally understand that changing a society is an arduous task and takes several decades and that is why it calls for external players to work together. And at this juncture we would like to extend our helping hand to the Korean society to create some awareness and keep this process alive.

We reject such FDIs in entirety which denies us our right to equality on our land and openly violate the provisions of the Indian constitution which is above all and advocates for our protection and equal treatment. How long are we going to be unorganized, negligent and weak? Racism dehumanizes a human being.

It’s time to unite and fight, head-on, against racism everywhere in the world. Sign the petition and lets crack down on racism and make Anantpur, India an inclusive society to live.


Thank you,

Kislay Kumar

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