Say 'No' to the Proposed D.R. Horton Development

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D.R. Horton has a proposed new development at the Polo Fields on 119th St, which is currently in unincorporated Plainfield.  They plan to annex this into Naperville and build 723 new residences, which consists of single family homes, triplexes, and apartments.  This is a cause for concern, as this is an extremely dense population which will cause much higher traffic on both Rt 59 and 119th St., as well as dangerous pass through traffic through existing subdivisions, extra burden on fire/EMS/police personnel,  additional children that are zoned to go to the Plainfield PSD 202 schools, the loss of the recreational facility for Galaxy Soccer and the horse stables, as well as the environmental impact this will have on the Forest Preserve.

This proposed development is not consistent with the current subdivisions that exist in the surrounding area. The existing subdivisions are low to medium density single family homes.  This proposal is for high density multi-family homes. DR Horton claims that this proposal is contiguous to South Pointe homes and will be a gradual transition to the multi-family residential units on this new property. These multi-family homes are not complementary nor comparable to the South Pointe homes, nor to the homes of Wolf Creek/Sterling Estates that will be right across the street. 

The City of Naperville says that a rezoning must “promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare.” DR Horton’s response is that their plan provides “for safe and convenient roadways which seek to minimize traffic impacts as land is further developed.” We don’t believe they have proven this point with regard to traffic or noise.

Title 7 of Naperville’s Code of Ordinances states that “public streets shall be provided to afford convenient access to all property…” and “shall be developed and located in proper public convenience and safety…” DR Horton’s plans are not compliant with that ordinance, as we do not feel this will create convenience or safety for our community. It will be creating quite the opposite.

Please sign this petition and let the Naperville City Council hear your voice.