Trump doesn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

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First, let's look at the many people that have won the Nobel Peace Prize: Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, United Nations, Al Gore, and Dalia Lama. These are people that have made a real difference in the whole world. Now some people including members of Congress have started a push to nominate President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. But I can't understand why because he's the same man that praised white nationalism, stating they were good people. He's the same individual that spurred hatred during his campaign calling for the policeman to handle people with excessive force. He's the same guy that had rallied to stop people from coming to America because of their religion. He's the same man that said he would stop people seeking Asylum from Central America from entering the United States. Now, how adding sanctions to North Korea, starving children and women warrant a peace prize? If he was the cause, it was from strong-arming and threats. Is this the man that your society wants to acknowledge? His mocking and threats to Kim Jon Un putting the world at risk. I'm sure you all can remember his little rocket man and his nuclear button being bigger antics. Now, to come back to what I mentioned earlier, concerning Nobel Peace Prize recipients, Al Gore won the peace prize for climate change, which by the way Trump doesn't believe in or believe it's a cause of rivers and lakes drying up or IceCaps melting, for no reason at all. Obama won the peace prize for international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. Now Trump gets on TV and says the NFL should fire those SOBs for kneeling exercising their 1st amendment rights. The decision that he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize isn't up to me but is he a role model for world peace? Some shit hole countries might think otherwise.

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