Reintroduce the California Grizzly and the Gray Wolf to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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We entered the 21st Century in California with a shameful history. It was during the 20th Century that the California Grizzly and the Gray Wolf were effectively driven to extinction. Now, with the benefit of progressive leaders in our great State, we have an opportunity to right this wrong. We must immediately move to reintroduce the California Grizzly (or a representative population of Alaskan Brown bears) along with the Gray Wolf to California, their ancestral home. We should start with sustainable breeding populations established within Golden Gate Park. These apex predators will restore the ecosystem quickly through the course of natural predation and territory expansion. Within 50 years we could have populations that exceed pre-industrial numbers based on the current state of the food chain in the City of San Francisco. Please join me in demanding that we create a sustainable population of these magnificent creatures.