Name a real planet PLANET CLAIRE to honour the B52's 40th Anniversary

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Last week (April 13 - 2019)  Astronomers asked the public to help name a minor planet in our Solar System first discovered back in 2007.

The dwarf planet, which orbits the sun beyond Neptune, has since been referred to as (225088) 2007 OR10.

Now the scientists who discovered it are asking the public to help pick a catchier name. They have given the public 3 options which are Gonggong, Holle and Vili... all really swell and all.. but definitely not befitting of a planet (which judging by the photo...actually appears to have PINK AIR!) 

There can only be one name for this planet.. and I am hoping B52's fans from all over the world will get together behind this most important of causes... and name this planet - PLANET CLAIRE.

After 40 years of making cosmic waves in the music industry it is only fitting to salute the B52's properly by naming this planet in honour of one of their greatest songs.