Christie monteiro for tekken 7

Christie monteiro for tekken 7

November 8, 2019
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Started by Tafeta Nafeta

Hello everyone I would like to share to you why Christie should return to tekken 7 and here is several detailed reasons I think could convince you why this iconic capoeira dancer deserves her comeback to one of the beloved fighting game franchises of all time HERE WE GO!

Reasons for christie to come back in tekken 7

1./ Since her first appearance in tekken 4 (2001) Christie has been featured in every single tekken games released since her debut (fillers included), which created an habit for the players to see her.
2./She has replaced eddy on main rosters (T4/T5) and eddy became her palette swap, not her.
3./ Christie even if sharing a movelist still got her spot on tekken 6 roster as her own character (like kuma and panda in 7 beside sharing the same moves).
4./ Christie design is unique, her story is related to eddy but she have her own purposes as well.
5./ She’s the very first capoeira character created for tekken serie, she was created before eddy even existed, even before tiger jackson.
6./ Gameplay wise, Christie has different throws that leads to unique oki situations that, eddy himself don’t benefit.
7./ Her story right now is on hold but she is to a point where anything can be developed on her. She was eddy’s student but can totally become a capo teacher with her own style.
8./ Capoeira as a martial has different styles, there is more style than there is practitioners of it. Eddy use the old style meanwhile if revamped Christie can use the modern one or simply as mentioned before, her own. 
9./ Eddy gordo uses only 20% of capoeira, which means not everything of the martial has been represented yet in the tekken serie, having Christie using more from it would give more diversity to the roster and more depth in term of gameplay. In fact we have a lot of representants of karate and muay thai so why not capo ? 
10./ Christie has been featured in street fighter x tekken game instead of eddy, eddy who was a tekken 3 icon, she’s been the main capo character street fighters fan’s seen in a street fighter game.

11./She’s the first black female character of tekken, she led the way to master raven, and katarina.

12./Most people prefer Christie over eddy for her fun, human and caring personality.

13./Even as a ‘clone’ she achieved more in her legacy than miharu, kunimitsu, angel and characters like Sebastian too.

14./Christie different throws from eddy made her a way more aggressive capo than eddy which means, if she’s getting revamped she can have more aggressive moves and gameplay style than eddy who instead is a character that needs more work to get damages and require good defense.

15./ She’s the only tekken character that can wear brasilian outfits (lol)
16./Many people don’t want to see Christie as eddy no more, so to revamp her and to make her a 50% eddy or more would be hype and refreshing to see, most of the tekken community is ok with that idea.


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Signatures: 418Next Goal: 500
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