Stop Budget Cuts Proposed to NAIT Athletics

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We, the Student-Athletes of Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), petition the Board of Governors to stop the budget cuts proposed to the athletic department and give the athletes a voice in any discussions going forward involving athletics, as it directly impacts us.


The current funding allocated to the athletic department is less than ideal, at the very least there is a need for current funding to stay the same.  Full-time coaches, both head and assistants, give us resources to succeed in our games and studies, which bring the school notoriety throughout the province, Canada, and internationally. Having on campus athletic trainers allows us to rehab injuries we incur while representing the school to the best our abilities, and having these individuals readily accessible for us make student-athlete life balance manageable. A full-time strength and conditioning coach is very important to all of us athletes because it allows us to stay in peak shape through-out the off season, which enables us to represent the school well during each sports season. The NAIT athletic travel schedule is a major factor in why most student-athletes come to this postsecondary. The teams travel in a professional manner that the department is able to provide, which allows the school to be represented on stages such as CCAA Nationals, ACAC Championship, USports Tournaments, and NCAA exhibition games. The equipment that every student athlete receives, allows us to represent the school on those stages mentioned above, and needs to stay the same in order for us to keep doing so.
We urge that the Board of Governors continue to fully fund athletics at NAIT now, and for the foreseeable future. We also want to create an enhanced student-athlete presence with the Board of Governors to ensure discussions or changes within athletic programs at NAIT are made in a collaborative environment.