Stop People Getting Away with Murder - Sam's Law

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What happened?
In 2013, my 18 month old nephew was attacked in his own home with such force that he later died of his injuries.

What are the facts?

  • There are only two suspects known to the police who were arrested and questioned about his murder.
  • The attack was carried out by either attacker 1, attacker 2 or a joint attack.
  • Forensics have been able to pin the attack down to a two hour window.
  • During this period, both suspects individually left the house and returned.
  • The coroner and forensic pathologist both recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.
  • Both suspects initially denied any knowledge of the attack.
  • Both suspects later claimed that they didn't see the attack take place, but that it must have been the other suspect.
  • Both suspects are no longer allowed to have any children of their own.

What does the law say?
New laws brought in after the London riots state that 'if a crime takes place, all suspects must (beyond reasonable doubt) be proven to have carried out the crime in question to be found guilty. If it can not be proven that any or all suspects are guilty then all suspects go free and are innocent in the eyes of the law.'

What does this mean?
This means that the two suspects are innocent in the eyes of the law and are free to work with children.

This loophole also provides a 'How to Get Away with Murder' guide for other criminals.

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What do we want from this petition?

  • We would like this loophole closed, allowing both suspects to be put on trial for the murder of my nephew.
  • A change in this law will also help other murder victims families get the justice they deserve.
  • A change in this law will help protect children in schools, nurseries and youth clubs who are at the mercy of potential killers. Remember: a childcare establishment is allowed to ask for an enhanced DBS check to be carried out when employing a new member of staff, but this will only be done if they have a suspicion that the candidate in question is a danger to children.