Tell Nabisco to use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil in their products

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"Orangutans are losing their homes and could go extinct within 10 years thanks to palm oil cultivation and demand.

Their rainforests are being destroyed for palm oil plantations.

Palm Oil is used in lots of US products because it is cheap

In just 20 years, Orangutans have lost 80% of their habitat.

In 2 years, the Sumatran Tigers lost 66% of their habitat, and now fewer than 400 hundred exist.

Pygmy elephants have lost their homes and food sources, and there are only roughly 1,500 left in the wild. 

Only 15% of animals can survive on a plantation."

Vegans love Oreos, Nutter Butters, and other yummy Nabisco snacks that happen to be "accidentally Vegan"  

However , there is nothing Compassionate or Vegan about Palm Oil cultivation. 

It's time for Nabisco to step up and purposely make these beloved snacks Vegan for real and switch to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil or replace it all together.  Because not all of their products contain palm oil.