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Dear Nabisco and Ritz, for the love of God, PLEASE consider bringing back your "In A Biskit" range. Just thinking about the Dixie Drumsticks or the Crispy Potatoes makes my mouth water, and I know I'm not alone in this opinion. Many Australians, myself included, where absolutely devastated when you made the decision to discontinue these staples of Australian snacking. You had so many amazing flavours; Chicken, Big Cheese, Dixie Drumsticks, Crispy Potato (by far the best), Cheese and Vegemite. No one knows why you stopped making these biscuits, but we certainly know it wasn't because of a lack of interest. And if it was, perhaps we simply took this wonderful product for granted. I promise you, on behalf of this great nation, that will not happen again. These are tumultuous times we are living in, and I can't help but think the world would be just a little bit sweeter with some In A Biskits in it.


Thank you.


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