Justice for Gloria Bambo

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Gloria Bamboo a resident of McKinney of Texas & alumni of Allen eagles. Her white roommate found Gloria hanging in her own garage. on July 12, 2020. Police estimated she died three days ago.Sadly that is the only true information was given to her family. Her case is closed and the police refuse to investigate & worse withhold information to her family & public.As a former classmate I demand more info
Police refused share any other information to the family.That`s right our law and order only gave her a paragraph of information.Her enemies are so convinced on erasing her life & her story that they hijacked Gloria`s social media. Her adversary literally alt delete her images, words and lifestyle.Taking her freedom of speech.Gloria`s body was so decomposed Gloria`s family even can`t view her It seems like our police are more invest. in giving people tickets and find weed than solving this obvious homicide case.My friend really got lynched in broad light. Look at our  called "protectors"  not doing SHIT cause nobody got her on camera when she struggled for Oxygen.That is why this case is closed.

 We demand more information and murderer to be held accountable. We demand 1000% from our police cause those suspects put 1000% to cover up this Case . We want this case to remain open. WE NEED JUSTICE SERVE!! Help Gloria Bamboo`s Family by signing this. #BLACKLIVESMATTER