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Change Sri Lanka from an authoritarian Sinhala Buddhist Majoritarian Fascist Nationalist mono ethno religious state that violently marginalizes its ethnic and religious minorities with absolute impunity and colludes with harassment, intimidation, abduction, extortion rape, torture, murder, disappearances and widespread corruption into a law governed multi ethnic multi religious liberal democratic cosmopolitan state free of corruption and extra judicial actions where right is might rather that might is right.

MySriLanka is not a Sinhala country or a Tamil country or an English country.

It is not a Buddhist country or a Hindu country or a Muslim country or a Christian country or a country belonging or dedicated to any one single religion, or ethnicity.

MySriLanka is not a Sinhala Buddhist country and belongs to Sinhala Muslims, Sinhala Christians, Sinhala Hindus and Sinhala Buddhists and to Tamil Muslims, Tamil Christians, Tamil Hindus and Tamil Buddhists and to English Muslims, English Christians, English Hindus and English Buddhists as well as to all other linguistic, religious and ideological groups with their historical and cultural backgrounds who have become citizens of the Sri Lankan State, and who are therefore known as all over the world as “Sri Lankans”.

MySriLanka will have a constitution that ensures that no person residing on the territories of the state shall enjoy any more privileges than those enjoyed by any other and that the constitution of the state ensures, protects and defends this equality and prevents and punishes any and all infringements or threats of infringement thereof.

MySriLanka will ensure that no person is above the law and that waiver of liability conferred on the president or any other official shall be limited only to those actions performed in official capacity and authorized by the parliament or other relevant authority which authorizing authority shall then assume such liabilities.

MySriLanka will generate a culture of welcoming cosmopolitan inclusiveness and tolerance based on the rule of law and democratic process and the doctrine of human rights as set out in the universal declaration of human rights that rejects, prevents, prosecutes and removes violence in all its forms, including kidnapping and illegal detention, rape, torture, murder and disappearances and leads to the rapid generation of an island wide movement against harassment, kidnapping, rape, torture, disappearances, murder and all forms of violence that will bring peace through the establishment of civilized norms of conduct and governance that give freedom for each one and all to pursue legitimate objectives.

MySriLanka will oppose the ongoing culture of impunity by ensuring that all acts of corruption claimed to amount to a staggering 25% of the value of the island nations Gross Domestic Product as well as the extra judicial killings that have been allowed to occur are investigated; especially those of Raviraj, Lasantha, Prageeth, Thajudeen;  and all those responsible prosecuted and punished.

MySriLanka will embrace top down economic development that finance rapid bottom up growth and all round social support with  the capital market as its core economic driver, along with all concomitant economic functions appropriate to an enrepôt that will finance the establishment and servicing of resilient and sustainable social support and species survival  systems and supply chains (R7SC) and global processes of environmental repair regeneration rehabilitation and development (GPE3RD)

MySriLanka will bring a quick differentiation between war heroes and war criminals and the decoration and the celebration of all war heroes along with the investigation prosecution and punishment of war criminals.

MySriLanka will build a new constitution with a fourth “developmental” pillar of the state responsible for development and that enables the prevention, detection and punishment of corruption and the protection of the state from subversion and from being taken over by majoritarian supremacists or separatists who advocate the genocidal marginalization and ethnic cleansing of religious and ethnic and ideological minorities through acts of violence and terrorism

MySriLanka will enact a registration of political parties act laying out the structural form that political parties must adopt including a separation of an electoral college of legislators a propaganda wing of canvassers and cheerleaders and a board of administrative office bearers as well as a registered membership, process for the selection and appointment of office bearers and clear rules governing the canvassing of support for policies, and raising of funds for political activities.

MySriLanka will play its natural role as entrepôt for investments flowing into and resources, commodities, goods and services flowing out of the regions of IOR-ARC, SAARC, BIMSTEC and ANTARCTIC and the location for the worlds second Humanitarian City at Hambantota.

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