Excessive force and injuries being concealed

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Heading: Excessive force and injuries being concealed upon admission of officers causing all injuries while inmate in handcuffs

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Pleading is made for Seavon Pierce, an inmate attacked by employees of C.D.C.R. to conceal matters of litigation against its employee. The facts and evidence reflects that while in handcuffs, Seavon Pierce was hit in the head and face only, with metal batons and fist by multiple officers in front of superiors in which multiple injuries were received including a bone fracture to the nose. Of the recorded photographs or injuries sustained regarding this incident, none of these injuries have been reported by the involved officers of C.D.C.R., facts which establish that multiple officers filed false reports and have violated the California law which mandates that officers not file false reports and that acts regarding a crime reported. These acts which violate the law have been concealed since 11-13-13, as continuing violates. Of the multiple reports to the public oversight agencies, no agency has conducted an investigation, the independent gathering of facts upon this clear evidence of violations of the law by multiple officers as intentional acts of excessive force. Seavon Pierce is still suffering of the injuries received. As further acts of concealment, C.D.C.R. has refused to identify the specific injuries received as acts to prevent liability of these illegal acts which reflects force to conceal complaints to the federal courts. In one matter, the L.A. Times recorded that C.D.C.R. employees killed over 20 inmates before these same public agencies took the appropriate actions or acknowledged that multiple officers as a group engaged in acts to commit murder or acts which violate the law. These illegal acts are defined as “matters of public interest.” Regarding the concealing of criminal acts by officers of C.D.C.R.. The California inspector general has documented that C.D.C.R. has “a tight-knit social society” of public officials who participate in covering violations of officers of C.D.C.R.. Upon this collected evidence of a pattern of conduct or acts in concert which allows for the concealing of murder, excessive force of this same group that inmates identify as “the green wall.” The employees rely on this containment field to allow for the committing of these illegal acts upon inmates to resolve matters to be held against officers of C.D.C.R.. Signature is requested, participation is requested to become a “party of interest, relator, a plaintiff “requesting enforcement of the duties or laws of the appropriate agencies funded by the U.S. Government to resolve such acts. A right to joinder, right to relief exist upon these acts defined as “matters of public interest; I agree to be a relator, a party of interest, I invoke all rights to joinder, to joint remedy/ relief, and provide my name and address, my signature for these reasons, see also californialegalprejudice.wordpress.com. These facts reflect that multiple officers are aware that specific public officials commit intentional acts to “cover-up or conceal” such illegal acts regardless of the nature of the crime, and have knowledge that multiple prisoners are actively filing multiple complaints to these same public agencies regarding acts of concealment etc., of “the green wall.” Those aware of the information war, are encouraged to maintain constant contact with Seavon Pierce who seeks advocacy regarding these acts which require independent actions.