My son has cancer and his wife faces deportation. Please help!

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My 28 year old son Kane was diagnosed with cancer just months ago. Now, the Home Office are trying to deport his wife Murshida to the US.

He depends on her - she is his carer and she is also his closest companion. Whilst he should be fighting cancer - he’s forced to fight for her to stay. That’s why I’m calling on the Home Office to show compassion and let Murshida stay!

My son can no longer work because of his non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He had also recently been diagnosed with a condition called fibromyalgia, which leaves him feeling extremely tired and suffering from severe joint pain. They are struggling to find money for the application costs - and the legal fees on top of that.

I can’t bear to think that on top of everything my son is going through the Home Office will break his heart if they deport Murshida. These kids absolutely adore each other and she has nursed him for months now. If they make her go back she will be another homeless young lady living on the streets of America.

My son will need carers and help from our Government when they have been dealing with it on their own. They are both intelligent graduates who want to be able to work, they do not want to claim from the government at all and just want to be given a chance to give to this country. Please help my beautiful family by signing.

They are lovely souls and would do anything for anyone and have spent their lives studying and helping friends and family whenever they could and we are all lost that we have no way of helping them instead.

Thank you for your support.