Legislation needs to be changed we need independent investigation into health care failure

Legislation needs to be changed we need independent investigation into health care failure

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Started by Steven Hawkins

Dear Mr. Bourque New Brunswick Health Minister if this would happen to your mom put yourself in our shoes ??

Link to mom's ordeal on CBC News


Liens pour L'histoire a ma mere radio canada


My mom developed a stage 4 bedsore infected to the bone after a hip surgery in the hospitals in New Brunswick managed by Vitalite Sante after many transfers between Hospitals I discovered this stage 4 bedsore after mom started to smell the smell in the room was unbearable.

I asked a nurse what is this smell the nurse told me not to worry about it I'll take care of if and came back with a bowl of cat litter and placed it underneath mom's bed ??

That's when I decided to investigate where this smell was coming from we thought it might be the incision from her surgery the incision was healed up really good with no secretions then I see this large bandage so I peeled back the bandage and OMG a hole in mom's back oozing of pus  and the smell of decay it was traumatic something

I will never forget but the sight of this bedsore it will traumatized me forever.

I could see the bone and adding insult to injury mom's 77 year old roommate also developed a bedsore on her heel after surviving a major accident 2 bedsores in the same room is this normal Mr. Health Minister ??

There's so much more have to say and show (pictures,videos)  but to long for here we believe this  was caused by gross negligence and medical malpractice and miscommunication on part of all the medical professionals involved in this case 6 months and 4 different hospitals later mom is not doing good she's slowly dying and lots of suffering trying to get an Independent Investigation for mom.

The Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Rights (Cecile Cassista) and and our Family demanding for an Independent Investigation but Vitalite Sante Turning us down CEO of Vitalite Gilles Lanteigne wrote a reply he is "Fully confident" in the health authority to carry out the review process with competency.

As an engaged family it's very hard to trust because what has happend to mom is bothersome and disturbing and without an Independent Investigation there's no transparency and no one to check for impartiality how can you investigate yourselves and be accountable and see results and truths ??

I think the Province of New Brunswick needs is to have an independent Chief Medical  Officer who could appoint someone to look into adverse  outcomes of Hospitales and Nursing Homes stays

So we're trying to get lots of attention to this matter with this Petition cause it's been going on for far to long and Laws Need's to be changed and as the population is aging.

We need this more than ever to keep Hospitals and Nursing Homes Accountable about the treatments given to our loved ones.

We didn't know where to turn to with our nightmare story until I seen 2 articles on CBC News about 2 people in Nova Scotia that have passed very recently from these horrible bedsores.

  The wound care specialist are saying these bedsores are 100% preventable this could be your parents a loved one a family members even random people needs an advocate, Advocating for everyone can make a change  please sign the petition cause this could be your mom or a loved one thanks for taking the time for mom's cause follow link below  for mom's ordeal in English.


Lien Pour L'histoir a ma mere en Francais  http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1112298/plaie-de-lit-nouveau-brunswick-leola-hawkins


3,120 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!