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Cancel the series "My Little Pony Friendship is magic" to end the brony fad

This cartoon series has developed a very large, strange and terrible following. Bronies, as they like to call themselves, claim they like the cartoon 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' (aka "MLP" or "MLP:FIM") all in innocent fun. Maybe for some it is, but not many. Having spent enough time on the internet and encountering many, many bronies, I've learned they're a very hostile group, verbally attacking and harassing anyone who doesn't agree with them. I've also learned that there are many, many people on the internet who hate bronies for the way they act and I honestly can't blame them. Since there is so much info to this, I'll have to put this into a few sections.

To the parents: For the love of God, do not let your children search for "My Little Pony" on the internet...These bronies twist the cartoon in ways to suit themselves and their disturbing desires...Such as making violent or pornographic pictures or videos featuring the characters (sometimes even including the children characters,) some of which can easily be found on YouTube or even image searches! The searches may vary from place to place, but I can assure you, violent and pornographic content that children shouldn't see will be found. Included at the bottom of this petition are several links as proof, one to a disturbingly violent MLP video, I STRONGLY suggest you do not have your children in the room if you decide to view these links.

Recent drama within the brony community: A fan-made character, made by bronies, was recently added to the cartoon, which in itself, was surprising enough. But when the character didn't live up to their expectations, the brony community collectively raged at the makers of the cartoon and even sending DEATH THREATS to them. One case in particular is an online user and artist who goes by the name Yamino, who quite simply stated her opinion on the character. It was only slightly negative, she felt as if the character stereo-types the mentally disabled or made fun of them. The bronies saw this and reacted with a force of which I've never seen on the internet before. They sent hundreds, maybe even thousands of hate messages, including death threats, to Yamino over this. Over having a slightly negative opinion on their character. Yes...You read that right. They flipped out over the character not being the way they wanted, then they did the same at someone for having a negative opinion on the exact same character.

General Brony attitude: On the very surface, they can be nice and friendly, especially in public. Online, they will be careful about what they say and how they act around parents, trying to explain that they only like the cartoon in sweet, harmless fun. Don't you believe them for a second. On top of the violence and pornography mentioned earlier, with nearly anyone else on the internet, they will constantly try to "convert" people into being bronies, they will harass anyone who doesn't instantly like MLP and they'll do the same to anyone who doesn't agree with them. I, personally, have been harassed by them to the point of permanently leaving multiple websites because it just became too much to deal with. Sometimes all it takes is saying "I don't like My Little Pony," literally. They even hate and harass people who like the older generations of the cartoon! This brony following grew out of 4chan and still has very strong connections there, even people who make the cartoon visit this site. Not to mention, there is a porn site on the internet with 124 pages of "My Little Pony" porn. Each page has a maximum of 60 images. That is approximately 7440 pornographic images of a cartoon made for children. This is exactly what the brony fan-base is about. This website isn't hard to find either! There's no restrictions on who can enter! There is never a page telling minors to leave the website. If you click the wrong link to this site, you won't even know it's a porn site until you start seeing pictures!

Conclusion: They are by far the worst thing to ever happen to the internet. Don't get me wrong, there are some good ones, perhaps many...But the majority of this "fandom" is made up of many, many terrible people, including pedophiles and people who like bestiality. The only way to end this "My Little Pony" fad, is to get the cartoon "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" cancelled and taken off the air. How such disturbing behavior has gone under the radar truly baffles me...Please, sign the petition and spread the word.

I strongly suggest people sign this petition anonymously, to prevent harassment, spam and death threats from bronies.

WARNING: Blood and gore. I found this video to be quite disturbing and I couldn't sit through the whole thing. It starts off all cute and innocent, then around 30 seconds in it starts getting bloody.

WARNING: Another fan mlp video full of extremely foul language as well as blood and gore:

An article explaining the (extremely toned down) hate from bronies:

WARNING: Very strong language is used in a quote in this article. A brony shows the true side of the fandom (just under the video in the article,) that comment is an example of what most bronies are like:

WARNING: Pornographic material of MLP.

A genuine screen-cap from the cartoon itself with a clearly visible Swastika (Nazi symbol) in it. Coincidence?:

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