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These four girls deserve freedom & justice to be served. Lets prevent child molestation.

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My daughters were finally brave enough to come out & disclose to me that they had got sexually molested by their biological father (named Bobby Ocasio DOB 4/13/1989) when they were about 5 and 6 yrs of age. They are now 11 & 12 yrs old. I couldn't believe my daughters had to go through something so horrific like that. I can't even imagine the pain & suffering they went through just keeping it in for so long.They were so graphic in details on what happened & emotional when they told me it broke me & not only was it enough that I suffered domestic violence issues with this man but to know he abused my girls it was enough.They told me they kept it in because he would tell them "don't tell your mother because I will hurt you" putting myself in their shoes I know they were scared who wouldn't be scared of someone who would beat on your mother & then threaten to hurt you if you say something happened to you. I have been fighting going on 5 yrs. on & off with Family Court to get sole custody & get all parental rights taken away from this man. Every time I file they dismiss it because he ends up incarcerated & can't show up for court. They tell me wait till he gets released to file again but when I do he ends up in prison all over again. Its like a circle its wrong & not only stressful for me & my daughters but it is like we cant move forward in life & live a free & peaceful life. Since I have left him my daughters have been living happier & safer just knowing he is not around them anymore. As their mother & as any parent I noticed the difference in their lives when I did leave. Their faces glow & they look so much happier. I've had restraining orders against him because of harassment & threats from him & a few of his family members. I have went & reported the abuse to the officials they are doing an investigation but with "no physical evidence" it's more of a he said she said thing which is wrong because he should pay for what he did he shouldn't be able to walk the world free & the world not knowing that he could do harm to another innocent child. Child protective services even "indicated" that my daughters where abuse by him (but still nothing). At the moment he is wanted in a few cities Albany, Troy, New Jersey some of those new charges consist of recent domestic violence with his other children's mother's & domestic abuse on his other child as well as drug related charges, now you tell me would you want your child with a child molester, woman abuser, & drug user/seller around your child?  My daughters fear the day he will try to come around them because they know he will try & ruin their lives again just because he still has rights & can file to still be in their lives. They tell me "what if he comes around & tries to do it again or even try to harm one of our little sisters". My oldest said to me one time "mom I know I may get in trouble but if he so much as tries to do it again I will kill him myself" my heart sank she should not think like this but because there is no progress in my case of getting parental rights taken away from him & making sure he is not allowed around them she lives in fear that he will come around & harm them again. They have been told to go counseling if they wanted to but as they tell me "mom as long as he is not in our life we don't need to we are happy that's all that counts" all I want justice for my girls, & all contact & rights be taken from him he should not have no right to have the chance to abuse them again or deserve a right to be called their "father" let alone be around them & also for the world to know he needs to pay for the crime & not be able to commit it again. My girls should be able to enjoy their childhood not live in fear. Please help in getting justice for my girls & making sure he is never allowed in their life again & for them to suffer no more. Let's help be a voice for them & show them that people do really care. Let our story also inspire other women & children to come out & be brave & say something no matter what. We can change the world little by little.

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