Give the neighborhood a say in the planning process for stadium lights at LAHS and MVHS!

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Families and neighborhoods are being overlooked in the planning process for stadium lights at Mountain View High School (MVHS) and Los Altos High School (LAHS).  Installation of stadium lights would be a considerable imposition on families and neighbors in the bedroom communities where these high schools are intimately situated among residential homes and streets.  Join families and neighbors to demand that the planning process for permanent stadium lights be inclusive of all stakeholders with informed discussions on the impact and welfare of families and neighbors.  The views and concerns of families and neighborhoods must be heard and reflected in the planning process.
The MVLA High School District is proposing stadium lights at both high schools for the benefit of student athletes and possibly for renting out to third parties.  The impact of increased traffic, parking problems, crime, noise pollution, and light pollution from unbounded usage of the lights, late into the night for rental to third-party organizations, has not been given full consideration.
Sign this petition to make sure that families and neighbors have an equal voice in the planning process for stadium lights.