Mutual Divorce for peaceful lives

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The laws for protection of women are meant for their safety. But what happens when these laws are misused?

Highlighting the facts that have been faced by my father over the last one year.

- My mother is accusing him of various domestic issues after 28 years of marriage.

- She has sent letter to the Police of Jharkhand, National Women Commission and many other government bodies mentioning that she was strangled by her in-laws when she gave birth to a girl.

- In the letter she has written about signing on blank papers various times, under the pressure of her husband.

- She has written about the plight faced by her father multiple times when her in-laws demanded for money.

- She had her aggrieved husband come all the way to her father's place to apologize in front of nearly ten other people, including his 27-year old son, who made him write a written apology letter for all the mistakes of past 28 years along with terms and conditions signed and acknowledged by her.

- Along with her father and her son, she managed to organize a biased panchayat meeting, (which as per the Panchayat's memorandum, should be done only after the agreement of both parties), whereas, there was no information about this meeting given in prior to my father. It was done solely to defame the family publicly.

- Her father has also accused my father of a rape case of a woman, who is unknown by all. In a statement given to the police, that particular woman has admitted that she was bribed by Omprakash Bajoria to accuse my father.

- After everything, her 'woes' still continue as she continues to accuse him of various false allegations, defaming him publicly. She along with her son continues to send blackmails and harsh messages to him and my grandparents. 

It has been nearly a year that she has left home and has decided to never come back. After all the efforts and apologies, if that is her decision, then why doesn't she divorce him?

After losing his sister, my father is fighting for her justice against one of the richest families of Raniganj. Many people are trying to create troubles for him and my mother is one of them. She was not even bothered when he had a Brain Hemorrhage four months back. His health has deteriorated and all of this mess is causing him great loss.

Mutual Divorce is the most peaceful way out. She can either live with my father, or not. She has no right to leave him swaying mid-ways and continue harassing him.

With the help of this petition, I urge that she agrees for a mutual divorce and leave my father in peace with his ailing health.