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Woodstock in Puerto Rico

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The lack of tourism for Puerto Rico over the next coming 6 months where November - April is their peak tourism business. There are no jobs in Puerto Rico right now, so we have to get creative and engineer reasons to bring Puerto Rico tourists. This will drive several of their businesses, especially hotels and restaurants. 

This can be held along with a surfing competition that can be put together by Surfline who is already pitching in with their Waves4Water campaign. We do not need pristine sandy beaches for these sorts of things.

All we need is 1 big name influential band to commit and others will follow suit.
It doesn't have to be "Woodstock" per se, but something of the like. Many musicians are helping out already by donating either money, time, or energy, or all 3. But they could be doing much more for the individual people by giving them employment working the events, and to accommodate the tourists.

I am a USMC veteran and I am about to go to Puerto Rico myself the first week of November to volunteer and to take documentary footage. This cause is important to me because this is the most pressing issue right now, that should take precedence over every thing else, because people are still dying, drinking unsafe water, unable to clean out their homes or repair them. We can tackle things like healthcare for all reform, college tuition, tax cuts for the rich, and solar energy after we do the right thing, and help out or brothers and sister in Puerto Rico.

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Eric East USMC 1998-2002 Afghanistan OEF

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