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Find Top 10 Holiday Destinations

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Traveling around the world is anyone’s dreams but sadly, not so many of us know about the world’s most exotic destination. In this article, we shall have a look at the top 10 holiday destinations one can visit this year. This is a post courtesy of by Joe .

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More than 3000 years old, the capital of one of the super powers of the world has plenty to offer that range from temples and museums to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. Beijing is the blend of modern architecture & china’s rich culture. Do not miss the Olympic park built for 2008 games and the famous boutiques at the famous Back Lakes district.


The crown of the Indian Ocean retains its position among the best. Blue lagoons, beautiful beaches, and the famous reefs will soothe your nerves. One of the most relaxing destinations also offers a great variety of seafood. While living in the huts made over the ocean, you simply have to visit Hukuru Miskiy also knows as Friday Mosque.

Angkor Thom-Cambodia

The ancient city offers archeological sites with a glance into the history of Buddhism. The massive amount of remains and temples attract a great number of people every year. One cannot resist praising the genius who built this town. The city consists of a square with 3 KM on each side surrounded by a wall. This piece of art from Khmer Empire is a must see.


The budget-friendly holiday destination receiving millions of people every year offers a great deal of seafood, water sports, and beautiful islands. White sandy beaches offer warm temperature throughout the year. Famous Bangla Road doesn’t let you sleep. All you need to take is shorts, a couple of vests, a hat, pair of sunglasses and some sun oil. Remember to say SWADIKA, once you land.

Cape Town-South Africa

The beautiful city where Nelson Mandela was once imprisoned is situated on the southwest coast of South Africa. It provides its visitors with beautiful hiking treks, attractive beaches along the coastal line and amazing vineyards. Also, do not forget to get on the cable car and climb up the Table Mountain which offers one of the best sunsets in the world.


Giza Plataea-Egypt

Located just outside the ancient city of Cairo, Giza offers one of the 7 wonders of the world. The famous pyramids are a good enough reason for anyone to travel to this part of the world. Luxurious hotels make your trip comfortable overlooking the giant structures which remind you of mighty pharaohs.


The word Cappadocia is derived from Old Persian Word KATPATUKYA which means “Land of beautiful horses”. City lying in Central Anatolia region is famous for its “Fairy Chimneys”. Ancient caves will tell the story of our Stone Age ancestors. The Rich historical city which dates back to 7th century offers ancient tales of early Christian wars. The key attraction is famous hot air balloon ride. You will never forget the early flight with the sunrise and some champagne in the end to celebrate.


This beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea offers one of the famous venues for nightlife. Party at Ibiza never ends and if you are looking for some quality house music, this is the place to be. You can meet your famous DJ as all of the famous ones come here regularly. Once you are tired from partying hard you can retire to a yoga retreat which will keep you pumped up for the parties at night.

Rotorua-New Zealand

Named after the Rotorua Lake and known for its geothermal activity and Maori culture, this town is one of the places New Zealand offers to its visitors. While you can enjoy shooting geysers and natural hot springs, a visit to Maori village, famous blue lake, and geothermal wonderland will be a memory to cherish. Mountain Bike trip will provide a scenic overview of the city.

Miami Beach-USA

The party central of the world is indeed the most amazing holiday destination there is. Miami brings celebrities and fame along with quality seafood and crazy nightlife. Nikki beach and famous ocean drives are places to visit with your family or loved ones. The Florida Keys provide a picture perfect click for photographers. A bus tour at the south beach will take you around the city while people as you watch people dance on the road. Learn some Spanish before entering the Sunshine State. Ola!

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