Help us create safe performance spaces for everyone

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Dear Lovers of the Arts,

Auckland Music Theatre's production of The Wild Party was cancelled on Tuesday 24th July, one week prior to season end. This happened following a serious allegation of sexual assault committed by one cast member against another. We, as members of the cast, felt that the situation was not handled effectively and therefore we would like to call upon the wider artistic community to support us in creating better processes for managing incidents such as this.

Our goal is to create a document that outlines best practice and is held as an industry standard for addressing sexual misconduct, adopted by all artistic organisations.

We would love to see Auckland Music Theatre and the wider theatre community support us as we lead this effort. We aim to work with key experts and theatre stakeholders in order to create robust processes, so that all artistic organisations are prepared for the (hopefully unlikely) event that any sexual misconduct should occur in the future.

Please add your voice to this call to action to show your support and contact us with any suggestions or recommendations that may assist us in creating this document. We can be reached at, and would love to receive your input.

We look forward to creating something positive out of this incredibly awful and challenging situation.