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Shut Down the Chick Hatching Display at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry

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At The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry 8,000 baby chicks are born in these incubators every year. The fate of these chicks? The lucky few will go to a farm where they can live out their life. The majority will be sent to a zoo to be fed to other animals. About 7,000 chicks, only a week old, will be sent to Lincoln Park Zoo to be eaten by the zoo creatures every year. None of the ones I saw today are the lucky mottled black and yellow chicks that get to live out their life at the farm. All of the chicks I saw today will end up being fed to reptiles, big cats, or birds of prey. The conditions in which they are born disgust me. Hatched onto metal crates, with no mother, and human children gathered around, tapping on the glass. They're on display as if their life was just a fun movie to watch. After they're hatched they're moved to another display where they at least have bedding, but no mother, and have to learn to eat from bowls. It is a few moments of excitement for humans, but this is the chicks life. The only thing they will know is being in captivity, on display, and then "humanely euthanized" to become someone's dinner. They won't know their mother, they won't get to live their natural life, all they will know is how to be used for others consumption and entertainment.

A video I took of the chicks can be found here:

Please shut down the chick hatching exhibitation.

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