We request FIBECO, Inc. to stop overcharging for services! 30 to 40% isn't a fair increase

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FIBECO Inc. or First Bukidnon Electric Cooperative Incorporated increase of 30 to 40% in cost of services!

A proper notice wasn't sent to all customers pre or before the last billing!
Families, friends and neighbors woke up to an exaggerated electrical bill with total disgust!

FIBECO Inc. has totally disrupted the lives of their customers which are now protesting this openly in conversations nation wide.
After making a notice public the notice wasn't even signed or didn't even have a seal of some sort explaining that it was a legal document, No date was affixed on this document! This strange document gives various excuses for their increase and does not justify their actions in a proper manners. This should of been a legal document with more explanations and above all the increase should of been justified better. FIBECO Inc. failed to notify it's customers in a proper manner and the over charge increase is beyond normal. This looks like another money grab and it's ill explained!

We the customers of FIBECO Inc. demand a revision in the actions of this company who has blatantly exaggerated their increase cost of services! I also add the document which makes a claim that the conditions of the Philippines are such as that the economy and world market prices are to blame also for this increase which is just one more excuse to hit customers hard to take their hard earned money. FIBECO Inc. has become the monster who's will is to take as much money as they can without even considering the cost of living in Mindanao which is already high!

In closing... the people of Mindanao and Bukidnon work hard to earn a living and if companies such as FIBECO Inc. keep hitting customers in the back by over billing not only the average home will suffer but local businesses will go under and this will hurt the economy of this part of the country! FIBECO Inc. and it's president and administrators have to consider the consequences of their actions towards the consumers. There is enough suffering going on that companies should understand the pain and cost of living. Electricity is an essential service that can't have an abusive cost!

In all respects

Customers, Consumers and those that benefit from this service!

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