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Water Wells First! Stop the vibrations and save our wells!

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We can't live without our water wells!  Support us in asking the Chatham-Kent council to protect our wells, our homes and our safety! Whereas residents of the former Dover Township continue to suffer from cloudy and murky water three years after the construction of a wind farm using pile driven foundations; And whereas certain households in the former Chatham Township are now suffering from cloudy water and damaged water pumps following the construction of a single wind turbine control tower using a pile driven foundation; And whereas the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change issued a Renewal Energy Approval permit on June 30 for the NorthKent 1 windfarm of 100 Mw capacity (35 - 36 towers) to be built using pile driven foundations; And whereas there are alternate foundation options available to construct wind turbines that do not generate vibrations that threaten groundwater; And whereas under subsection 129(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, municipalities have the authority to prohibit and regulate with respect to vibrations; We, the undersigned, call on the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to protect the water of Chatham-Kent and ban the use of pile type foundations in the construction of wind turbines. ** PLEASE include your address when you sign as this is required by the Municipality for the signature to be valid.  **  Further details: North Kent1 has demonstrated that it has no regard for the environment, no respect for the 12,000 yr old aquifer in our area, no respect for the people and livestock that depend on this aquifer for their water. NorthKent1 has demonstrated that what it tells the MOECC is NOT what it does in the field. This raises legitimate serious concerns that North Kent 1 is not trustworthy in the community. North Kent 1 has demonstrated an indifference and utter disrespect of the people in Chatham township. North Kent 1 does not follow the legislation Reg 359/09 that is intended to protect the environment and the people living inside the windfarm by going ahead with the construction of this Meteriological tower without a REA Permit. Neighbours alarmed by this violation of Reg 359/09 immediately reported the matter to the MOECC. To date, the MOECC has not issued a fine or taken any steps to ensure the people of Chatham township that a proper investigation into the matter is taking place. This immediately raises issues of how trustworthy and competent the MOECC is. Several wells where damaged from the illegal construction of this Meteriological tower, resulting in families having to replace well pumps. Money that was intended for groceries, for putting into the refrigerator had to be spent on replacing well pumps from the vibration damage caused by the pile driving used to construct the Meteriological tower on Oldfield Line. This caused real financial hardship for these families. Something NOT to be taken lightly. These families are waiting for the MOECC to take enforcement action against the North Kent 1 developer. These families are waiting for proper monetary compensation for the damages done to them by this illegal construction. Why should families spend their hard earned paychecks just to pay for the aggorant and illegal actions of a callous multinational corporation? NorthKent 1 executives where clearly warned in November 2015 that the Chatham township area has a proven history of being sensitive to vibration damage. To date the executives of North Kent1 have not replied, not listened to the community of Chatham township. Instead. In clear indifference to the warning given by the community at the November 2015 Public Meeting the executives of North Kent1 used pile driving illegally. How many more water wells need to be damaged? How many more families have to make decisions that lead to empty refrigerators? How can multinational corporations and the MOECC use the false pretense that a windfarm using pile driven foundations on a proven vibration sensitive aquifer are justifiable as a way of fighting climate change? It isn't. It is a complete lie. Destroying precious groundwater resources is inexcusable. Why should the people of Chatham township accept this? Clearly we are NOT going to accept this injustice. Treat the people and environment of Chatham township with respect. Protect the 12,000 year old aquifer, that we depend on daily. Follow the laws that are meant to protect the environment and the people's welfare.

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