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Chatham-Kent Off-Peak Bus Fare Project

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       Let me introduce myself. I am Mariusz Petrykowski, a longstanding resident of Chatham-Kent.  I have been on the Ontario Disability Support Program for some time now.  People on ODSP, Ontario Works, and the working poor face a common daily condition. We live in poverty or near poverty. So money is tight.  For many of us, a local bus system is an urgent need.  I decided to talk to the administrator of urban transit for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.  Initially, they were not receptive to my idea of lower transit fares for people in poverty. However, I had a bolder plan as a back-up proposal and the administrator was much more receptive to it.  So was born the idea of the Chatham-Kent Off-Peak Bus Fare Project.
        It’s a mouthful but give it a chance. It is a simple but powerful idea to change the fare collection system for single bus rides in Chatham-Kent.  Sometimes the bus is full, and other times it is almost empty. I see this as a wasted opportunity for both the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and those who need transport services.  During peak times, when public transit is in high demand, let us keep the fare at $2.00 for an adult which is the standard fare.  However, at certain times of the day, when the bus is largely empty, let us reduce the standard fare in half to $1.00 for an adult. When the bus is empty, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent gets no revenue in its coffers and some members of the community lose an opportunity to ride the bus because of the high fare. Let’s fix this problem together. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent may get a few more dollars in revenue because half-fare is better than no fare. But the real benefit is for all of the people in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, and not only those in poverty. Now everyone would be eligible for a more economical fare. 
        Once I have sufficient popular support, I will approach the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and ask for ten minutes before their Council. To get the 10 minutes required, I need individual support and community group support.  As an individual, you can sign this petition, call or write local Municipality councillors, and of course talk to your friends and neighbors about this worthwhile project. I will provide the contact info below for local Municipality councillors. If community groups want to support this project, please contact me at  I do not want monetary support from interested community groups, but rather I want their voice and political support. When I go before the Council, I want to say that community groups support the Chatham-Kent Off-Peak Bus Fare Project.  I am also open to any and all feedback about this worthwhile initiative. Please do not hesitate in contacting me at the above-noted email address.
Yours truly,
Mariusz Petrykowski

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I fully support a means tested card for people in poverty.  I want to stress this.  These ideas are complimentary to each other and I want both of them to succeed.

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