Stop the Train Whistle Brighton Ontario

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Currently there are approximately 100 trains a day that run through Brighton. With each train, as most know, comes the whistle at each crossing. The crossing at Stoney Point Rd and Hwy 2 whistle affects hundreds of homes as it can be heard for well over a KM range. All hours of day and night. This is not acceptable! It disrupts sleep as well as enjoyment of our homes and yards. There are working gates, bells and flashing lights warning traffic and pedestrians of oncoming trains. There is really very little pedestrian traffic at this intersection. The Whistle is NOT NEEDED! In my research, I found it takes over a KM to stop a train. The whistle blows aprox 300 yards from the crossing. Tell me what good does it do if someone chooses to ignore the gates, bells and flashing red lights that come well before the whistle. Several cities and Municipalities in Ontario have stopped the whistles for as little as a dozen trains a day. Why should the residents of Brighton have to endure the deafening sound of a hundred whistles a day. In many cases throughout the day a train is already in the crossing gates are down and another train will blast their horn coming through!!!! What is the safety purpose of that? No one can cross with a train already there. It is time the Municipality steps up and stops this. The growing population of this town deserves to enjoy the quiet serenity of our homes in this lovely town.