Resolve the problem of underpass at Greenfield Faridabad

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During the monsoons, even at the slightest showers the underpass which is used for commuting from Greenfield Colony , Faridabad to the main NHPC chowk gets flooded with water. The slightest of rains causes the underpass to get jammed, the water gets flooded till the railway track above the underpass during rains. 

The authorities choose to open the drains to reduce water level which is even more dangerous for the pedestrians crossing the road.

There is no alternate way to come to the highway or get to the nearest metro station. People run late to work to the tune of 4-5 hours.

The worst part is that during the night it becomes even worse. There is one sketchy path from over the underpass area on the left side which has shady poor colony which is full of problems.

1. The mud is very slippery and the mountain terrain is very steep and haphazard which makes it difficult to walk and if someone slips they might end up in the underpass water or even worse fall in the open drains there.

2. During the night there is no illumination on the way which makes it vulnerable for crime- Stealing, Molestation etc

3. The person taking this route needs to cross the railway line which is execeptionally risky as there is no manning and no barricading.

4. As it is a garbage dumping place,it is unhealthy and uncomfortable route to take.