Removal of sewerage treatment plant near A block vipul world gurugram

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Hello everyone 

Where I live , in our neighbourhood ,their are approximately 500 other families living.

Our house, an independent floor , is a part of a colony built by a private developer .

Their is a fully operational school approximately 50 meters from our house,which has classes upto 12th standard where almost 500 children come to study.

Right across the road,ie within  100 meter radius to the school is a sewerage treatment plant ( STP) , apparently where the sewerage treatment of entire city happens 24 hrs ie round the clock.

The noise which the plant's machinery makes and the foul smell created is sometimes unbearable .

I feel It is a potential health hazard especially for kids and elders.

Therefore I urge the civic bodies of guru gram to either create/find a solution or simply shift the plant to some outskirt areas