Rehabilitation of Stray Dogs

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I am a resident of Karol Bagh. Due to oversight, general mismanagement and a lack of attention, the dog population has increased drastically manifolds in our area.

This, in turn, has led to a nuisance and a dog menace because of their rapid breeding and growth.
The dogs are violent and they attack the residents and the kids so much so that it is almost impossible to walk or ride a bike in certain lanes without the risk of being bit or scratched by one. 

Not just humans, but this is bad for the dogs too since they fight amongst each other for the limited space, do not get proper food and are attacked by humans/attack humans constantly.
The population growth is massive. It needs to be contained. There is no solution except to relocate or neuter/spay these dogs. 

For both humans and dogs, please do something about this.