Help John, the Security Officer get his job back!

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Maharishi University fired one of their security officers this morning after he served this University for 15 years. He was about to retire next June. They were only paying him $10/hr, and just hired a new younger guy 3 months ago and they are paying him $13/hr.
This is hypocrisy at it’s finest. We are a school that brings students in by advertising consciousness, and how meditation makes us better people but then we fire the loyal ones just because we don’t want to pay retirement and we replace them with younger ones.

My first year at MUM this guy drove me to the hospital on weekly basis because I was dealing with medical issues. I didn’t know anyone, and he was there for me genuinely. During one of our talks, John told me that he was the sole bread winner, he is supporting his wife and his granddaughter after his daughter passed away.

I’m disappointed in MUM. Please help me spread the word back and bring back John the security officer. He gave us 15 years of his life, we can give him a few minutes of our time.