condemning wastage of food for TRPs

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The reality shows  telecast by a channel for the youth of India are entertaining but something that has caught my attention is the unnecessary wastage of food in the name of TRP that occurs on these shows.Something a country like India absolutely does not afford to do.In the name of fun and games, contestants are dipped in chocolate,smash bananas or look for eggs in a sand pit.

In a country that is home to one third of the worlds malnutrition population, this irrational use of food for fun and games is socially unjust.In the financial year 2018-19 the government of India spent 169323 crores as total food subsidy not so that a few privileged people in the country could smash bananas as and when they pleased.It is said that people in  Western countries tell their children to finish their food because Indian children die in hunger.These children share our land and yet we are unsympathetic to their needs.This absolute irrational use of food which can be avoided must stop.The food which is used in these games can be substituted by any other object .The sponsors of these shows and everyone associated with it  too must take on the social responsibility to not support anything that can have an influence on the thought process of the youth.

I have tried to contact the people concerned but have received no response.Please help in sensitizing these channels and spread awareness.Please help me by signing this petition and displaying your support for the cause.Each signature is one step forward.