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Form Letter to Advertisers

Milka Stojanovic
Milwaukee, WI

Oct 25, 2013 — A big thank you to Michelle Brockwind for posting this to the "Cancel Scrubbing in on MTV!" Facebook group page. Feel free to copy-paste and use this to email or snail mail advertisers from the Scrubbing In time slot.

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Dear Advertiser,

Your ad for ______________ recently aired during an episode of “Scrubbing in”. A ‘reality‘ MTV show that has very little, if any, basis in reality.
I am a nurse and I value the reputation of my profession highly as I’m sure most of the nearly 150, 000 of my colleagues in Canada and 3.1 million of my colleagues in the United States do as well. I encourage you to stop supporting this blatant disrespect of my challenging, valuable and sometimes heartbreaking career, by openly removing your advertising from the show’s time slot, if not the network. These steps will help to protect the reputation of nurses everywhere.

[your name]


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