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MSNBC: Fire Joy-Ann Reid for homophobic blogs and continuous slanderous attacks

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Joy-Ann Reid has a platform on MSNBC and her homophobic record is very troubling and bigoted. Past blogs have emerged of her using homophobic language to address gay and closeted individuals in politics. Not only that, but she still chooses to continuously attack and erase young LGBTQ and other progressives. This all has caused LGBTQ groups such as PFLAG NATIONAL have rescinded their awards to Reid.

In addition, she and others at MSNBC (Joan Walsh, etc.) have continuously helped Trump use the term "Alt-Left", a term used repeatedly by Reid, Walsh, and countless other establishment figures.

MSNBC must address the serious homophobic attacks on her past blogs — and the continuous slander and lies by MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid. She was not hacked as evidenced here It has become evident that Joy Ann Reid has given talking points to the GOP against the LGBTQ community and progressives over the years. This is very troubling.

The LGBTQ commmuntiy Reid has slandered in her blogs and the young progressives she continues to slander on social media today are the most racially diverse, socially accepting, and economically disparaged. We the LGBTQ community and young progressives will not stand by and watch a host with an actively homophobic record grow into the mainstream spotlight as if nothing has happened.

In a #MeToo movement and a time when people are rightfully being let go for sexist pasts against women, it is only fair that the same standard is applied here to defend the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ individuals and young progressives are the ones in the front lines against the right wing. We do not have Reid's platform, and she uses hers to push her own insidious conservative agenda and potentially promote other homophobic occurrings, which ultimately will hurt MSNBC's ratings and credibility, as she has hurt the Democratic Party’s own credibility. We hope this issue is addressed and we demand MSNBC to suspend Reid over these very serious allegations.





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