Demand the Int'l Olympic Committee speak up for Dolphins & apply penalties to Japan2020

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Each year from approximately September 1 to March 1, the country of Japan completes a large-scale hunt of dolphins.  The hunt takes place in the village of Taiji, Japan.  Dolphin hunters, utilize drive hunt techniques to herd large numbers of dolphins to shore, resulting in their capture or death.  The 2020 Olympics are scheduled to be hosted in Tokyo, Japan.  The IOC has long held that their mission is to operate as a positive and influential governing body while also promoting human rights and equality in sport. The IOC states their role as (line 13):  To encourage and support a responsible concern for environmental issues, to promote sustainable development in sport and to require that the Olympic Games are held accordingly.  I believe that this violates the IOC Role and their mission statement and therefore the IOC should look to place penalties on Japan as well as their Olympic team for hosting this event in a community that supports the slaughter and capture of these sentient beings.  ASK the IOC to speak up for our oceans and the senseless acts taking place on Japanese shores.