Petition to take immediate action against Cikgu Mohd Norazizi bin Samsudain of MRSM Baling

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On Wednesday, the 1st of July, through an Instagram IGTV post and YouTube video titled "B.E.B.E.L - Rogol" under the Instagram account of @azizidain and YouTube account Azizi Dain, Mohd Norazizi, a Bahasa Melayu teacher from MRSM Baling has posted a video in which he explains his "views" on rape/"rogol" which fundamentally enables rape and more pressingly, endangers female students in MARA colleges and by extension, women in Malaysia.

As the current arrangement of the handling of internal affairs at MARA colleges prevent students from taking part in direct action to voice their displeasure and disgust at the current matter through JDM/JDRM, which is a form of punishment for students should they act against any rules outlined by the school. This petition aims to center our stand that such behaviour cannot go unpunished.

As an educator, he should have not used such abusive language and made ignorant remarks, his conduct and message in the video apologises for the heinous act of rape, and is unabashedly placing the blame of rape onto women. We believe no student, especially females, should be subjected to such prejudice, especially in a school enviroment that SHOULD HAVE been safe, conducive and comfortable. This is a failure of the administration of MRSM Baling and by extension, the collective failure of MARA to protect its female students.

Hence, this petition is calling on for the removal of Mohd Norazizi from his teaching position and that he must face consequences for his actions. Should there be no immediate action taken against Mohd Norazizi, we will opt to raise the issue with MARA HQ regarding this matter.