Stop the terror against LGBT people in Tanzania!

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Dear Madam, 

We, Human rights activists of LGBT communities, artists and writers from the LGBT communities in Israel and worldwide, are deeply concerned regarding the latest news that the Governor of Dar Es Salaam, Paul Makonda, has instructed to compile the names of all LGBT activists and homosexual men.

 According to Paul Makonda himself as he was quoted in "The Guardian", during 24 hour period since the order was given his office received 5673 reports and was given the names of 100 people who were reported as homosexuals.                                                              

The compilation of names that was followed by the order that he published already caused dozens of activists to escape their localities and scatter in the streets without food or shelter.                                                                                                                                                

We call upon all the countries of the Western world to send similar letters of warning to the president of Tanzania and to present it immediately to the ambassadors of Tanzania in their countries.                                                                                                                              

 We will not stand by to further Homophobic activities in any country in the world.

Signed By


Shai Abadi – painter

Nadav Asulin – Theatre director and actor

Igal Azrati – director of the Israeli-Arab Theatre

Liran Atsmor – film director

Ziv Cohen – writer

Yair Dovrat – poet

Mitchel Feigenbaum – writer

Jacob Gilad – songwriter

Sitchi Gilad – photographer

Eithan Gilor-Meller – artist & therapist

Daniel Gortler – pianist

Tamir Greenberg-poet

Ohad Hitmann – singer

Yariv Mozer – film director

Raphael Peretz – painter

Ilan Sheinfeld – writer and founder of Shavim (Equals),The Israeli LGBTQ Party

Yossi Tsabari – actor

Prof. Tsvi Triger – writer

Yossi Waxman – writer

Michal Yuval-Pikarsky – writer