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Justice for the woman inmates at LOWELL Correctional Facility

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Please sign this petition and help stop the abuse of female prisoners at the Lowell Correctional facility. Many members of the Florida Justice system feel that inmates do not have rights and should be treated as inhumanly as possible. We must petition Federal Government to take control of the prison and bring to justice those who have abused our friends and family. Only the Federal Government has the power to stop the cover-ups of abuse and in some cases murder.


Confined to cells with no air conditioning or ventilation with the temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. No drinking water and a working commode for over 160 inmates, the stench so bad the correctional officers do not want to work there. An environment that promotes both disease and injuries from heat strokes. The staff provides little medical assistance or concerns for the inmates health. A woman recently died because staff would not give her the prescribed medicine for her diabetes. The staff had her prescription medicine and knew of her medical condition. No one was held responsible for her death.


Any inmate who makes a complaint or doesn't comply with the guards demands for sex are beaten, raped, put in solitary confinement, loose their visitation privileges, mail privileges, or their gain time.


Complaints are covered up by staff and no one is held responsible, not even for murder. Ms. Casandra Ellington died while in solitary confinement. Being placed there for her safety after making a complaint against one of the corrections officer. No one was charged or held responsible for her murder. Covered up as if she were less than a human being as all inmates are treated.


Inmates are abused if their family members make complaints, especially when the complaint is made with Governor Rick Scott's office.


Many women who arrive pregnant sell their baby to an adoption attorney. Promised that money will be put on their inmate account, the money is often consumed by the prison and parole bill.


Governor Scott could pardon all inmates who were not convicted of a violent crime and have one year or less to serve. This would relieve some of the overclouding but would decrease the financial profit being realized by the prison contractor and the various probation contractors.


Please sign this petition so the Federal Government can control this prison before more women are abused or murdered.


If you are an inmate or were an inmate at this facility and were abused please file a Federal Complaint. To file a Federal Complaint contact:

                                         Mr. Yohance A. Pettis

                                         Assistant US Attorney

                                         Middle District of Florida

                                         400 North Tampa St Suite 3200

                                         Tampa, FL 33602





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