Mr Trump, please recall Mr Jess Bailey, US ambassador to The Republic of Macedonia

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The Republic of Macedonia and its people are facing an existential threat from external forces, who are promoting constitutional changes, which if implemented will wipe out Macedonia’s name, the identity of its people and the history that binds all Macedonians together. The changes are the result of an agreement with Greece, the Prespa Agreement, forced upon the Macedonian people by US and EU politicians, to appease Greece, as a precursor to that country supporting Macedonia’s entry into NATO and EU under a new name. The Macedonian people rejected the Prespa Agreement at a referendum held on 30 September 2018.

Although the referendum failed, politicians and external diplomats are working to forcibly implement the Prespa Agreement via Macedonia’s Assembly, against the will of the people. The changes, and the drive to have them implemented regardless have hurled friends and members of families against one another and have created deep divisions among the Macedonian communities.

The US Ambassador to The Republic of Macedonia, Mr Jess Bailey is one of the central figures who is co-ordinating the effort to implement this change, exceeding his function as an Ambassador, in contravention of established UN principles of non-interference by a foreign power in political processes of an independent sovereign state.

We therefore call on The President of the United States, Mr Donald Trump, to instruct Mr Bailey to immediately cease all interference in Macedonia’s political processes and to immediately recall Mr Bailey from his post.