Cancel the sentence and free Nasrin Sotoudeh

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Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh, a Tehran lawyer and internationally recognized human rights activist, was arrested in June 2018. Previously, she was serving time for charges that include “actions against national security” and “propaganda against the regime.”
On March 12, 2019, without being present in court, Mrs. Sotoudeh was sentenced in absentia to prison on charges of several crimes related to national security. According to, before her arrest, 55-year old Mrs. Sotoudeh led the case of several women arrested for appearing in public without headscarves in protest against the mandatory dress code in Iran.
According to Amnesty International, a Tehran judge told the Iranian news agency that she would be imprisoned for seven years, while, according to information received from Mrs. Sotoudeh’s family, the sentence includes 38 years in prison and 148 lashes.
Everyone knows that nothing undermines national security more than politically motivated unjust court decisions.
And in the 21st century, to use a computer, mobile phone, robotics and at the same time to apply punishments such as lashes are hypocrisy and crime.
Mrs. Sotoudeh’s salvation is not the salvation of one person: being free, she can help many people. In addition, it is to protect the interests of all oppressed women and political prisoners.

Decision: Immediate abolition of the verdict in absentia and the release of Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh, as well as, if provided for by Iranian and international law enforcement, the transfer of the case to the International Court of Justice.

ATTENTION! Be sure to read the news on the text of the petition, what else can be done.

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