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Save, Renovate, and Restore Disaster Transport and Space Spiral.

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Each ride is a Cedar Point Historic Landmark that has been and continues to be enjoyed by generations of guests to Cedar Point. Both are exciting, enjoyable, and fun family exsperiences for one and all. We believe with refurbishment these rides can and will contribute revenue to both Cedar Point and Cedar Fair. One ride in particular (Disaster Transport) is the last remaining dark ride in the park and one of a dying breed of its kind that had many special effects and futuristic items in its queue line adding to the thrilling excitement of what is to come and the ride itself in the darkness, not knowing what is to come next.. The Space Spiral: A classic and Historic Cedar Point Landmark as well that adds Character to the Cedar Point Skyline. A thrilling and exciting way to see Cedar Point to observe the park as well as learn about the history of the park and also a very important tool to plan your day at the park. To visually see the rides and coasters from a unique perpspective and from and enclosed capsule rather than the open thrill ride Windseeker. Removing Space Spiral will leave only Windseeker as a only choice for one to observe the park. Not everyone is a thrill seeker or one for extreme rides as Windseeker to view the park. Removing Space Spiral will be taking away a historic landmark that adds character to Cedar Point. Which is a valuable to families, the non-thrill seeker, and the plain nostalgic both offer so much for generations to come and we we believe they should stay and be enjoyed for years and generations to come. If you move your new coaster out a bit more into the parking lot it can co-exsist with these two classic and awsome rides.! Please Restore and Keep Disaster Transport and Space Spiral

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