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Separate the IB and non-IB class rankings at Princess Anne High School

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     As we continue to build and add successes leading up to college there is one thing that will either greatly benefit or impede a students college applications, class rankings. At the end of our high school careers one student will be given the title of valedictorian based on outstanding academic achievement. However, this prestigious title is nearly unattainable for most Princess Anne students due to one clear and simple reason, IB and non-IB class ranking is not separated. IB students accept that their education differs from that of the majority of students, thus it makes sense that their ranking would be comprised differently than that of a non-IB student. IB classes are weighted on an entirely different scale than non-IB classes therefore they are able to achieve a higher GPA than a non-IB student. This leads to an IB student being able to achieve a much higher class ranking than a student that is not in the IB program. By separating the class ranking for IB and non-IB students we are evening the playing field for all Princess Anne students and allowing all students to have the chance to add a high class ranking to their college applications. 

     There are multiple ways to solve this issue. One of the most apparent solutions is the elimination of class rank all together. A majority of schools throughout the nation have done this and it has an enticing appeal by eliminating the harsh sense of competition between students over class rank. An additional solution is to eliminate the ranking of IB students at Princess Anne. This system has has tremendous success within the Chesterfield County Public School system. Through this system, the IB kids will not be ranked against each other which will eliminate the unhealthy competition that holds them captive. Through this system, IB students can be nominated to submit an essay and have the chance to read their essay at graduation. This allows there to be both IB and non-IB speakers at graduation. The last resolution to this issue is to create two class rankings. One class ranking comprised of only non-IB students, and another comprised of both IB and non-IB students. This system allows for the IB student not to suffer from a drop in class ranking, and for the non-IB student to submit a transcript to college admissions that does not damage them based on the school they were zoned for. While all of these solution have both pros and cons, ultimately the decision falls to the school board on which one to implicate to best serve the students of Princess Anne High School.   

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