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Help Reform Atlantic County Animal Shelter

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Help us reform Atlantic County Animal Shelter, located in Pleasantville, New Jersey, by signing this petition.

 Atlantic County Animal Shelter is a county owned shelter, which means it is the tax payer’s money and county budget that fund the shelter. We should have a say, don't you think!


This decade, our city has killed one animal every 15 minutes.

The N.J. Department of Health  Infectious and Zoonotic Disease Program (NJDHIZD) reports Atlantic county animal shelter euthanizes 2/3 of cats every year. This has been "business as usual" for years. In 2014 according to (NJDHIZD) report 2,296 animals were euthanized.

 2014 Cat Report by (NJDHIZD). Cats are losing their lives at an alarming rate in New Jersey animal shelters. Over 20,000 cats or 45% of the cats coming into New Jersey animal shelters were killed, died, went missing or were unaccounted for. We need a regime change and get rid of the old policies that support these procedures.

We have an special interest to make our shelter the best it can be. We have witnessed cats and dogs not given a fair chance for a home. The procedures and policies are outdated and sub standard. We are petitioning for a new progressive shelter leader who will include rigorous implementation of the no kill equation for adoptable pets. Codify lifesaving basic corrective and preventative actions. Under the current shelter management , our local shelter has killed more then 1,168 lost and homeless pets. This decade, our local shelter has killed an animal every 15 minutes. Under the current management, our county residents have been rejected to volunteer. Management has limited volunteering time to cuddle, walk, love and play with the homeless pets to 2 hours a day from 10am to 12 noon. There is currently many dedicated people willing to give their time from 10am to 4pm, but never given the chance to help. other successful shelters have implemented these changes from all over Example: Burlington County, Tompkins County, Charlottesville, Austin and even Reno just to name a few. We need to redesign comprehensive adoptions programs, Customer service, create offsite adoption centers where the public works, and dines , Pet retention programs, Improve rescue groups involvement, Design a medical and behavioral rehabilitation program with anew ambition to help, instead of the ritual to dispose. Build a bigger volunteer program that extends to the disabled, children, and residents of our county, and last but certainly not least, a passionate shelter director to embrace the forward thinking and change out old policies and procedures.

There is no correlation between a shelters budget and the save rate of animals.

*New redesigned adoption programs can save money.

*Bigger volunteer program = free help

* A shelter director that embraces the hard work and compassion it takes to save lives. 



* Excuses of pet overpopulation - Mathematically that is incorrect. There are far more homes available then animals entering shelters in the U.S. There is no - peer review study that supports overpopulation.

 Help us start getting cats and dogs out of the shelter alive rather then in body bags!

  Almost half of all animals who enter our nation’s shelters go out the back door in garbage bags rather than out the front door in the loving arms of adopters despite the fact that there are plenty of homes available. And when animal lovers question the excuses used to justify this killing, shelters and their national allies respond, “We are all on the same side,” “We all want the same thing,” “We are all animal lovers” and insist that criticism of shelters and staff is unfair and callous because “No one wants to kill.” The facts, however, tragically and frequently tell a very different story. How can you fix a problem you refuse to admit exists? How can shelters reform their practices when they refuse to have standards and benchmarks that would hold them accountable to the best performing shelters in the nation? They can’t. They don’t. And they won’t. So we have to fight to get it done.



Today: is counting on you needs your help with “Mr. Levinson, help us make a change today! 2,688 lost or homeless pets are killed yearly.”. Join and 2,060 supporters today.