Put an End to Dolphin Slaughter

Put an End to Dolphin Slaughter

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Started by Alexis Jamieson

My name is Alexis Jamieson, I am 17 years old and currently finishing my last year of school at Warman High School. Growing up I've always had a love for dolphins, travelling to marine parks and aquariums to go see these magnificent creatures.

Little did I know what had been taking place all around the world, the sick reality of these animals being slaughtered and taken captive in tanks equivalent to the size of a bath tub.

Drive hunts occur in places all over the world, in places like: Taijai, Greenland, Alaska, Siberia, as well as various other places in the world.

These drive hunts begin September 1st and end the last day of February. The fishermen create a wall of sound which disorientates the dolphin. These loud sounds trap the dolphins between a wall of sound and the shoreline. In attempt to escape from the noise, they swim in the opposite direction, towards shore. Through the dolphin's panic and loss of navigational sense the fishermen can easily drive them into the Cove, where they'll be slaughtered.

These drive hunts are not only barbaric, but are extremely exhausting and stressful to the dolphins. These dolphins have endured more than they ever should have to. From being chased, injured, run over, manhandled, dragged alive, taken captive and slaughtered.

Taijai has one of the highest killing and selling rates in the industry. As of 2018's drive hunt, Taijai's fishermen killed 1,676 dolphins, while also capturing over 100 where they are then sold to marine parks and aquariums all over the world.

1,676 dolphins killed, and over 100 captured. Taking away the lives of these beautiful animals, its inhumane.

Dolphin hunting is major financial incentive for fishermen in Taijai. Taijai's Fishery Union can get approximately $400-$500 for dolphin meat, while they could get anywhere from $20,000- $100,000 for a trained dolphin or $8,000-$12,000 for untrained dolphins.

The film The Cove was released in 2009. It shows the sad, raw reality that occurs within these hunts. Inside the Cove and behind the tarps. The film has helped to create awareness for the dolphins while exposing the gruesome actions that are occurring in places like Taijai.

Not only are these creatures innocent, intelligent, and beautiful but they also play a large role in the ocean's ecosystem and the health of the sea. By decreasing the population of dolphins, we are decreasing the health and balance of the ocean's ecosystem. Killing the dolphin population increases the number of various species that would normally be preyed upon. Instead these species' growing rate is increasing due to the decrease of dolphins. This causes an imbalance within the ocean.

By slaughtering thousands of dolphins every year, this isn't just affecting the dolphins or the people who live on the coast or near an ocean, this is impacting our whole world. The health of our ocean affects the health of our planet.

To end dolphin slaughter, everyone needs to be a part of the change.

Avoid consumption of dolphin meat or products containing dolphin meat.

Stop supporting marine parks and aquariums that are holding dolphins captive.

Make the public aware. Let them know the disturbing actions taking place against these dolphins.

Advocate for dolphins.

Signing this petition will help to create awareness for the dolphins. By signing this petition it will give these beautiful animals a chance. It will give dolphins a voice.

Signing this petition gives dolphins a fighting chance. A chance to fight for their lives.

1,240 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!