Close down "Badaling Bear Park" in China

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"Badaling Bear Park" or "Badaling Bear Paradise" (“八达岭熊乐园”) in Beijing is located at the Great Wall of China. It is an area with 3 large holes in the ground in which bears are kept. Inside these holes there is no greenery, also there is no sight of water for the bears to drink. They are trapped there regardless of the weather conditions with nothing to protect them from the rain, snow or sunshine on hot days.
There are no proper fences around the pits so tourists throw in there whatever they want, including rubbish. At the time of my visit, one of the bears had a piece of plastic hanging out of his backside. Another one had an injury in his right eye.
Some of the bears displayed a very abnormal and worrying behaviour (head banging and staying motionlessly in a strange position for a very long time).
Another thing that shocked me during my visit was that at some point, an employee casually walked inside one of the pits to sweep the rubbish thrown in by the tourists, and as soon as he went in, the bears climbed up on the platforms in rush. It seemed like they were trying to get away as far as possible from him. When he finished and started heading towards the exit, they immediately got back down. They were evidently scared of him, which indicates that they are abused by the staff.

The state of these bears is causing a lot of distress among compassionate people all over the world and discourages tourists to visit Badaling. The conditions in which these animals are kept are appalling and the bears are evidently suffering, trapped in unstimulating and small environment that doesn't resemble one bit their natural habitat. Their behaviour shows that they are being abused and driven into insanity.

Animals Asia already expressed their concerns about the bears' welfare, as well as offered their support to the owners of this facility, however their help was rejected several times.

That's why I urge the Beijing government to take action and shut down this sad, miserable place and send the depressed bears to sanctuaries, as well as put more effort into increasing public awareness on suffering experienced by animals. It’s inhumane to keep wild animals imprisoned in dirty holes for their entire lives just for our entertainment.

Please sign my petition to ask the Beijing government to close down the Badaling Bear Park and relocate the bears to a sanctuary where they can be taken care of. Thank you.

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