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Stop farmers from shooting family pets!

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Right now in Alberta, it is legal for farmers to shoot any living being that enters their property. No questions asked and no proof required that the animal was a threat to their livestock. I know this because my cattle farming neighbor threatened to shoot my kids, my horses and dogs and then shot both my dogs just before Christmas, devastating our family. Just recently another person in my area, also had her dogs shot, with a shot gun. One was peppered with buckshot and lived and the other was shot at close range-point blank in the head and then dumped in the bush like a piece of trash. At first he denied it, then farmer claimed  the dogs attacked one of his cows, again with no proof as he doesn't know what happened to them. These are loved family pets, not strays. The law needs to change. Farmers need to be accountable for their actions and need to go through the same channels as everyone else. Call animal control. Fire a warning shot in the air. Have the family pay for the livestock if it is injured or killed. This law only applied specifically Alberta cattle farmers. Please sign and support this cause for all the family members lost. Our MLA's need to take this to a provincial level and have the laws changed to take away the freedom to kill these farmers take advantage of. It will also allow police to do their jobs and enter the property to do an investigation. As of now the farmers do not have to prove anything, nor can the police enter their property. This enables farmers to shoot an animal out of spite or a grudge against a neighbor and there is nothing police can do. Please sign, thank you for your support,

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