Launch Xiaomi Mi TV 2S in India

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Launch Xiaomi Mi TV 2S in India

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Aniket Rodge started this petition to Mr. Chuan Wang (Co-founder, Vice President , Xiaomi)

Respected Sir,

                       All devices launched by Xiaomi worth every penny buyer spent. Xiaomi provide best high end spec devices within budget price. I own two devices which are Mi 4 and Mi Pad works great and most people in my family and colleague own at least one device of Xiaomi. Thanks to you for launching such great devices and giving support with reliability . 

                        In the month of July Xiaomi lauched Mi TV 2S in China. I would love to mention its specifications apart display  i.e

Under the hood, the Mi TV 2S is powered by an MStar 6A928 processor running on the MIUI TV operating system based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It packs 2GB of RAM and 8GB of inbuilt storage. The new TV set from Xiaomi supports latest Dolby sound technology. It also supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. The Mi TV 2S includes HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports while can playback 4K videos at 60fps. The company even showcased the newly designed Mi TV Plug for the Mi TV 2S. The 48-inch Mi TV 2S features an all-metal design on the back


                          Soon after the launch of Mi TV in China rumor started spreading that they are going to launch Mi TV in India shortly. But it is sad that they are still on hold of Mi TV launch. Lets get to this straight most of us can't afford such amazing specification TV and no other company can provide such specification TV with affordable price. Xiaomi mentioned most of the time that India is one of most important market place.

                          In an interview with Hugo Barra (VP, Xiaomi), he was asked about the plans for Mi TV. His reply was

,"For the MiTV, the certification process (in India) is quite lengthy. Secondly, we want to have content partnerships before we can launch our TV here. Our TV is an Internet TV. It's a streaming device therefore it is just not the television and a set top box. Those are the two main things -- the certification and the content.

We also want to make some changes to the product so that it is good for India. One of the issues that India faces is that broadband is not widely available. You can't stream movies in high quality with less than 2mbps of sustained bandwidth. So we probably have to redesign our TV products to allow for much more buffering or piping than live stream boxes.

We do that by adding more flash memory or maybe allow the user to add their own USB storage, SD card storage or whatever there is. Then we have to think about how the product changes.

Another idea that somebody had was that perhaps we should let people connect their 4G dongle into the TV. The TV has the driver for it and it automatically recognises it and it uses that to connect. That's another option".


                           Now as he mentioned India lacks internet speed for broadband or its not widely available but after the launch of 4G services like Reliance Jio (Mi-Fi) , Airtel 4G. It surely will not not be a problem for us.

                          So please on behalf of most eagerly waiting fans of Mi, we want you to launch Mi TV (maybe an Indian Version) and  hope that you will listen to us and take this letter seriously and positivity.



Aniket Rodge

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This petition had 50 supporters