HELP Stop the "eviction" of DBMC families HELP ! 停止驅趕愉景灣遊艇會每一個家庭

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This petition is to request that the Hong Kong Resorts International (HKRI) Board engage with the Discovery Bay Marina Club (DBMC) members, to delay or reverse the planned eviction on New Years Eve.

On the 31st August HKRI, and the DBMC, gave notice that all boat owners must remove their boats from the marina before the 31st December. That less than 4 months.

Most of these vessels are houseboats which the owners, and their families, have   heavily invested in over the decades. The shortage of protected berths in Hong Kong means that they have NOWHERE TO GO, that would allow the boats to be used as houseboats. This sudden notification means that families will be forced to look for alternate accommodation, in an already tight and expensive market, away from the DB schools and community that we have been an active part of.

The eviction coincides with the expiry of the debentures of all 220 boat owners including yachts. It also creates a dire financial situation for most having to pay both boat mortgages and rents ashore.

Please help demand that HKRI start a dialogue with the DBMC members by signing this petition.

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