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Inadequate/Mismanaged Facilities vs Fees - New Millennium School - DPS , Bahrain

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We are in acknowledgment of the decision to withdraw the fee hike announced on 29th January 2018 , following the  Royal Directives issued and announced on Sunday by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The petition raised on 23rd January 2018 ,regarding the unjustified fee hike, now stands for our concerns, as the fee paying parents of the students of NMS,  regarding the lack of school facilities as detailed in the letter.

It is unfortunate that the school authorities have not considered our concerns significant enough to even acknowledge, despite our efforts to get their attention through various mediums.

We demand their immediate attention and action to the below concerns;

Infrastructure improvement – The school moved to the new premises in 2014 with the assurance of more facilities and a fee hike to support the school deliver these new and improved facilities. Some of them are -

Swimming Pool – The students of NMS have had access to this pool during school hour precisely once or twice in a year! This pool has also been shut down and there has been no communication to the parents of the students of NMS!

Indoor badminton and basketball courts – We really wonder how much of these facilities are available and frequented during sports period by the students. The selection of a basketball team is conducted by sports teachers on a particular day when students are asked to take turns throwing the ball into the basket. In an academic year, do the students get a fair chance at learning a sport continuously to determine if they are eligible to be in a team?

Football ,track and field grounds – Admittedly one of the best there is to be amongst the schools in Bahrain but again, the students are not provided training in neither and presumably use these grounds on Sports day only or occasionally to play games during Sports period, weather permitting!

All the above facilities have been open to the public (adults and children) at a fee for coaching during weekends and evenings. This is also an added income for the school despite the fee hike to support these facility costs and yet the fee paying students themselves have been deprived of the same. Does this warrant us to demand for a refund of the years of paying an increased fee for facilities that have not been provided as assured to the students?  

In addition, the parents have not been invited to or witnessed any sports activity by the students on the new premises so far! This makes us wonder how another school of massive student strength (10times more), larger campus, similar or lesser facilities, gives the students a platform to participate and showcase their skills with a fortnight long youth festival and sports extravaganza! All this at a fee structure that is one fourth of what we pay!

We would like to also highlight the below cost saving measures and other activities  undertaken by the school that is sheer pettiness and does not translate into ‘Good’ status credibility that the school has been awarded for but instead adds to cost incurred by the parent in addition to the school fee.

Assignments must be printed at home and brought to school for working. If you claim to ‘go green’, that should apply to us at home as well if we were to support by example. Each classroom has smart boards and projectors and yet these are not utilized by the teachers to project the assignment in class for the students to work on.

Tissues boxes and A4 size papers to be supplied by students!

Sanitizers to be supplied by students. The toilet hygiene is a matter of concern that has been addressed numerous times. It is way below acceptable standards!

School Library – a basic but important school facility. On many an occasion you have stressed the importance of instilling the good habit of reading and yet your school library is barely the size of a classroom, dimly lit with limited choice of books that have been donated and some in poor condition. And yet, you ask us to contribute books to inculcate this habit! Again, we parents must purchase books from the limited options in Bahrain at a high cost to sustain your school library!

Art. The recent art exhibition displayed fantastic works of art by the students. Unfortunately none of these were taught by the art teachers of NMS and yet the school takes indirect credit. These were works of art learnt by the students from the various classes they attend outside of school at an additional fee, to pursue their interest and talent. All this at our cost yet again!

Music. Does the school have any musical instruments of your own? Students have been asked to purchase a musical instrument and we agree it is for sanitation/hygiene reasons but with every NMS student buying the same instrument leading to an actual lack of stock in Bahrain, it ultimately led to students borrowing from each other! Yet another example of cost incurred by parent with unsatisfactory results.

Extra-Curricular activities. While it was introduced to certain grades as a stress buster activity, the daily activities included purchase of items in large quantities just to provide a few number of those for the activity. Sharing was not permitted amongst the students and this ironically led to a stressful situation amongst parents and students! We understand this is to deliver the requirement of a certain level of activities as deemed by the Ministry of Education in order to achieve your ‘Good’ status. We support extra-curricular activities along with the high level Indian CBSE education for an overall growth of our children but we don’t agree with the imbalanced management of the two areas which is highly stressful and does not lead to any nurturing of creativity amongst the students. 

We are aware that schools are also run as businesses. However, all the costs mentioned are for you to absorb when none of the facilities have been provided to the students and are charged to us instead as your profits are not shared with us.

The current school facilities are inadequate in certain areas and mismanaged in other areas. The ‘Good’ status certified by the Ministry of Education is based on a criteria of facilities, management and education levels which the school has not delivered to the students. Perhaps, we should bring this to the notice of the Ministry of Education. Moreover, the school does not have a parent’s board unlike other schools, wherein, we can discuss matters on an equal platform with stakeholders!

You may suggest that we have the choice to opt for other schools and it is indeed a viable choice but we choose to make this ‘good’ institute deliver on the promises made to us in the first place which was the reason to opt for New Millennium School over other schools.

Constructive feedback has always resulted in progress for any person or institute or industry. Hence, we demand the school to reassess and deliver on the promised facilities to your students.


Parents of students of NMS


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