Help Bring Humane Agriculture Classes

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Agriculture in schools are supposed to teach you about the following:

  • Natural Resources
  • The study of plants, gardening, and natural growth (Horticulture)
  • Animal Science
  • Soils and Pesticides
  • Food Systems

I am here because of an ordeal with an agricultural issue in my school, but could potentially be happening in other schools as well. Nowhere in agriculture does it say "if animals are injured to kill inhumanely".

The story behind it all being:

The other day, a boy placed a chick in front of me and ran off because he couldn't bring it on the bus. And me being me, I brought it home to care for it rather than to let it die. The chick had some sort of issue with her right leg, as she never used it and it stuck straight out. I did my research and it came to a potential case of spraddle leg. The cause of it being "a slippery floor surface, particularly in their first few days of hatching". This is easily fixable if done in time, if not it is a permanent issue. Now I do not have agriculture nor did I ever, but I did RESEARCH, to see what I could do. I could have splinted the leg or even tie it to the other where she would have to put pressure on both legs, and I did try the second idea, but didn't have the suggested materials (used similar ones though). It could have healed in two weeks if I was able to keep her (the association that runs my neighborhood does not allow chickens). I had to return her to school the next morning and they stated it was dislocated AND broken. But chicks tend to heal fast and therefore still could have been fixed. I had formed a decent bond with this chick and spent most of the day I had her, trying to care for her as much as possible, I was torn apart when I heard she would just be left to die.

Instead of attempting to fix her leg, they put her in a pen with chicks that had similar problems. If they lived, good for them, if they died, well...they died. The agriculture department would not try to help the chicks heal and rather let them be on their own.

My brother is a part of the class and has told me stories of how two chicks got stuck in their eggs (again can easily be fixed with raising the humidity and moistening the egg (and again I found out with RESEARCH)) and instead of doing so, they decapitated them with a shovel. He explained how they seized and how much blood there was.

He also had told me how if they were injured, they'd snap their necks, slam their necks on an edge (in order to break them), etc. He also had said he would snap the chick I cared for's neck which tore me down even more.


I am making this petition to have some sort of humane practices or veterinarian help on those animals who are severely injured and on those who have fixable injuries. No animal deserves to die over some slight issue with it, especially when the issue can be fixed with a little TLC and a small vet trip. I understand schools don't have much money because of the sports equipment they have to buy, but killing innocent animals because something is wrong with it is just ridiculous. 

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